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Jordan Berryann

Raised in a small town in New York State, I grew up in Hudson, NY.

My passion for animals in trouble, started by seeing what happens

to animals in circuses along with canned hunts that happen. Often

going to the Humane Society and helping clean the cages, I then

realized that he wanted to help exotic animals as well. At a young

age, I researched how animals were rehabbed and released, so

he decided to pursue it.

Currently achieving my Bachelor’s in Fisheries and

Wildlife Sciences at Paul Smith’s College.During this time I landed

an internship/ volunteer job at Adirondack Wildlife Refuge in

Wilmington, NY. Where I am learning how to rehab animals, such

as coyotes, red tail hawks, kestrels, array of owls, and

more. I am working on getting my rehabbing license. My plan after

achieving my BS is to pursue a degree in veterinary technology. 


My goals are to help or even run my own sanctuary for all sorts of animals and to be able to rehab them and if they can’t be released, keep them for educational purpose to educate the public on how to preserve these animals and their habitat. Along with rehabbing, I want to save animals that are being put up for canned hunts or looking for a new home after zoos do not want them anymore. 


To help achieve my goals, I am working on studying abroad to Africa, going to Florida to see bigcat sanctuaries and how they run. Intern in as many places as possible for the best education on sanctuaries and rehabilitation centers. 


On free time I read up on big cat medicine, and how to treat symptoms. I explore the wilderness, and see what it has to offer.

My personal blog featuring wildlife photos and my experiences is available on my website, Unveiling the Mysteries of Wildlife

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